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Sochi 2014: The Opening Ceremony

Right now, in Sochi, Russia, the opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games is under way. The ceremony is a huge spectacle, including thousands of athletes in the Parade of Nations, pyrotechnics, dancing, lightshows, and more. 



By Federico Babina 


BBC - Frozen Planet

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Saving Southbank Skatepark with @rich__

To view more photos and videos from Southbank skatepark, explore the Southbank Skate Park location page.

Strolling tourists along London’s Southbank next to the River Thames might at first miss the graffitied walls of the undercroft skatepark. The skatepark is home to skateboarders, graffiti artists and freestyle cyclists. Local Instagrammers also visit to shoot street art and take advantage of the park’s scenic vantage point of the London Eye and skyline.

"The main railing is a great place to stand and snap away," says Rich Pearce (@rich__) who often visits the location to shoot. “The far ends are where the jumps and wipeouts happen, but great shots can be taken from the inside as the light comes through in various places.”

Development plans have put the existing skatepark at risk, but Southbank Centre promises another skatepark just 120 meters (394 feet) away from the current site as part of the new plans. Still, protests to preserve the current skatepark, led by the group Long Live Southbank (@savesouthbank), have gained high-profile support from artist Damien Hirst, singer Rita Ora (@ritaora) and boxer Mike Tyson (@miketyson).


Fujifilm dials up the retro for its next camera
Mechanical buttons and dials may be nearing extinction in most modern electronics, but one area where they remain loved and appreciated is among camera enthusiasts. Fujifilm’s next iteration promises to satisfy these desires with a gluttonous variety of physical control — there are dedicated dials for exposure, shutter speed, and ISO, while a closer inspection of the teaser image suggests there are even dials under the dials.

vancouver downtown.


Cat shreds. [video]

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Blended wing body

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